Recreational Moorage

If you are looking for moorage

 we are maintaining a Waiting List!

There is a $50.00 Fee charged to join our Waiting List

Fill out the waitlist application and email it to the marina office at [email protected].
When your application is received you will be sent an invoice for the waitlist fee,
once the invoice is paid you will be added to the waitlist.

If you have an interest in signing up please click the button below:

If we offer you a slip and you accept it we will credit your
Waiting List Fee to your Recreational Moorage Account…

Moorage Waiting List Application

If you turn down our offer of a slip you will forfeit
your position on the Waiting List and your $50 Waiting List Fee!


If you are looking for a Liveaboard Slip please let us know when you apply to join our Waiting List.